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A Walk Through Art History

I designed these shoes with a unique goal in mind: to create a shoe as a summation of an entire culture’s art. Each shoe possesses design qualities, color palettes, and designs only found in the respective culture. This project allowed me to investigate art historical cultures in a special way by challenging myself to translate an entire style (or series of styles) onto a single object.

Conveniently, I was able to use these designs as the concentration section of my AP Studio Art portfolio and received a score of a 5! 

 I possess full federal copyright of these designs. 

Yes please, and thankyou

Alesha Dixon Spotted in Nicholas Kirkwood ‘Cage’ Platform Booties at BBC Radio 1 Studios !

Nicholas Kirkwood ‘Cage’ platform booties, $794.00

Can this turquoise blue and coral pink color combo be any more summery? We love how the coral is on the back platform sole as well!

If you feel like goin’ bright and bold, check out these Nicholas Kirkwood booties! They’re $794 at Farfetch.

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